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An armchair is a popular furniture piece throughout the living area. There is no better moment than relaxing back on your favourite armchair, whether you would be reading a book or enjoying a friendly conversation with your guests. Style and comfort are the main two features that our armchairs bring to the table. All of our armchairs can be customised completely to your style. Select from a variety of different fabrics, felts and leathers, recliners, tilt seats, swivel bases or classic timber legs. Our modern armchairs are not just limited to the living room, they can be a perfect addition to any room throughout the home, whether you may use it in the study or even the bedroom.

Buy Modern Armchairs Online

The armchairs listed here are from associated furniture retailers. Most of these armchairs will direct you to the furniture retailer in which you can either purchase from their online store, or visit one of their furniture stores located across Sydney. The modern armchairs listed here are delivered all across the Sydney region, depending on the furniture retailer, certain conditions may apply.


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