Buying a Leather or Fabric sofa? 4 Things you Need to Know

Investing in a sofa can be a big decision but whether to go for a leather or fabric sofa is another decision in and of itself – with so many options available to buy out there, where does one even start?

There are pros and cons for both leather and fabric, and the majority of your decision will depend on a few key factors – here are 4 pointers you should consider before handing over your hard earned money.



The cost of a fabric sofa will in most cases, be less than a real leather sofa. There are of course, fake leather options out there, but in reality, this is not an attractive long-term investment. Some leathers will be less breathable than others, the cheaper the leather, the more likely you will be to sweat in hot weather. On the other hand, investing in a beautiful soft Scandinavian style leather sofa, is a different thing. It may pinch your pocket in the beginning but, it will only get better looking with age and will provide years of value and enjoyment every time you see it and sit on it. The softer leather will be make it more breathable and comfortable in all seasons. For a beautiful timeless soft leather sofa, we suggest checking out the BoConcept Istra sofa in tan (above). It will be the talking piece of your living room!


On the other hand, going with a fabric sofa, is a good idea of you’re on a lower budget – you can also choose more fabric textures and colours as it can be made more easily than leather. If you’re after a luxe feel, velvet is a hugely popular choice at the moment and gives that gorgeous old world decadent feel, resonant of sophisticated homes of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The Osaka sofa is a great option, offering a textured velvet fabric in beautiful tea with modern curved lines, typical of it’s Scandinavian style.



BoConcept Madison sofa












Opting for a fabric sofa opens up more colour options if you’re looking for more of a statement piece, while leather tends to come in more neutral colours. Leather sofas look best in black, grey, tan, cream or red, but it really depends on how adventurous you want to be and what look you want to tie in with your living room. With fabric sofas, there are usually any number of options including printed fabrics, textured tweeds, velvet, cord, padded, felt – you get the picture. Think carefully about your room’s colour palette – overall though, to be safe it is best to opt for more neutral colours if you think you might want to change the décor at some point down the line. You can always add colours with accessories such as cushions, throws or a coffee table.



BoConcept Cenova Sofa


















It depends on the quality and brand you buy but, a fabric sofa will generally not last quite as long as a leather sofa, depending on the brand you buy of course. When thinking about your sofa, look at how much wear and tear it will get – do you have little children climbing all over it on a daily basis? Or are you a semi-retired couple who prefer to opt for softer wearing luxury rather than a hardwearing practical fabric. Having replaceable or removable sofa covers can be a huge benefit if you do need your sofa to stand the test of time. It means you don’t have to worry if something gets spilt on it, simply throw in in the wash or get the cover fully replaced without having to re-invest in another sofa. A great durable fabric sofa option is the BoConcept Cenova sofa in black (featured above).



BoConcept Indivi Sofa


















Fabric sofas, if they don’t have removable covers, tend to be impossible to remove stains from. Going for a darker colour is a safer bet in this case, as spills and marks are less likely to show even if they are present. On the other hand a leather sofa can also get scuffed and marked and be hard to remove stains from too, though you can usually wipe off food stains more easily on leather with a warm damp cloth.  There are leather sofa care products available that can be used to prevent ageing, but as with a classic Chesterfield sofa or the Istra sofa shown above, often a little wear and tear can really add character.

As with most big ticket pieces, don’t rush into buying a sofa, seek advice and be sure to talk to people working in the furniture stores you visit. At BoConcept, you can customise the sofa to the look you want using their in store 3D modelling software, just ask any of their friendly Interior Designers in store. Better to take the guess work out before you spend your money!

You can view any of the listed sofas above at BoConcept’s Sydney furniture stores at Crows Nest and Moore Park’s Supa Centre.


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